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Yoga Private Lessons

Body and soul in line – integrate Yoga in everyday life.

One of the greatest challenges practicing asana is to quiet the mind. Therefore, the perception is guided towards body-sensations, to the “here-and-now”. By regularly practicing asana, pranayama and meditation body and soul can remain in harmony.

Expand your Boundaries

Yoga causes changes, on both the mental and physical level. Consider that you must dedicate a lot of time and patience in order to lengthen connective tissue with Yoga asana.

Facing Gravity with Lightness

Yoga und Structural Integration is a perfect match. Ida P. Rolf used to practice Yoga when it was little known in the West.
On one hand, a Basic Ten Series can accelerate physical changes and on the other hand the new range of motion can be integrated very well in a conscious Yoga practice.

Practice without pain

Does an injury hinder you in your practice?
Each body is unique. Respect it and adapt your practice constantly.
Examining your practice in a private lesson is a good possibility to find out whether you are reinforcing old habits.