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Pause @ work!

Workplace Health Promotion

The demands on your employees constantly rise. They are expected to be flexible, vital, adaptable, committed and concentrated. With the permanently growing requirements the number of the sick leaves skyrockets… Among other things, back pain and neck tension, triggered by long sitting and general inflexibility might be the causes. Diseases can be attributed not only to physical factors, but also to increasing stress in everyday life.

Allow your employees an active pause with relaxation and movement!


Enterprises of diverse industries and different size have specific problems. Various course offers are possible:


  • Regular, periodic courses in your enterprise.
  • As module during daily workshops, seminars, conferences etc.

No special devices, no additional infrastructure or clothes needed.


  • Structural Integration
  • Yoga

These offers can take place in suitable premises in your company.


  • Center oneself with active pauses in order to continue the work in a concentrated and relaxed spirit.
  • Learning simple exercises for mobilization and relaxation that can be used in the everyday life independently.
  • Resolving restrictive patterns through perception of respiration and movement.
  • Enjoying the body’s sensory perception.


I will be happy to present you with a personalized proposal. Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any question.