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About me

People have always stood in the center of my attention whether in the work as a socio-cultural animator or as administrator, project manager or consultant for organizations in various industries.

The first sessions of Structural Integration were a turning point in my life. They taught me that it is possible to let go of old patterns at any time. Therefore, I decided to be trained at the Guild for Structural Integration. It is my great honour having learned this craft from experienced therapists such as Nilce Silveira und Emmett Hutchins.

I started practicing Yoga in 2001. In 2005 I completed a Yoga Teacher Training with Lance Schuler und Glen Ceresoli. This training is acknowledged by Yoga Alliance.

I live and work in Horgen.

Advanced Training

2018: Myofascial Continuities in Assessment & Practice, Tom Myers
2018: Fascia Research Congress, Berlin
2017: Scar Work and Tail End. Sharon Wheeler
2016: Conference of the European ROLFING® Association in Munich
2016: SI Conference in Prague. Neal Powers, Sharon Wheeler, Robert Schleip
2016: Bone work. Sharon Wheeler
2015: Rolfing for the Cranium. Sharon Wheeler
2014: Integration of Scar Tissue. Sharon Wheeler
2013, 2011, 2008 und 2007: “Post 10 Series”. Neal Powers
2010: Integration of the Shoulder Girdle with reference to Scoliosis. Jim Asher
2009: Fascia Research Congress, Amsterdam 2009